Thursday, April 01, 2010

W Hotel Barcelona

Luxury boutique hotel chain W Hotels Worldwide just opened a new hotel in Barcelona, Spain. We were asked to integrate the WOW in the W. We developed a tasteful and catchy narrative and translated this into different concepts for art installations in identified public area’s within the hotel.

W Hotel Barcelona stands as a landmark on the Barcelona coastline overlooking the old harbour. The reflecting facade of silvered glass blends with sky colors and sea sparkles. The building is a ode to its spectacular location. Walking through the spaces, the guest is reminded of its stunning location over and over again. At unexpected moments the guest is given a view on the city skyline and sea horizon.

The interior, its materials, colors and surfaces, are in harmony with its environment and reflect its elements, allowing the spectacular view to be the most pristine element to be found in the building.

Beige, yellow and white tones blend in with the sand colors of the beach. Light oak and dark limestone remind you of bleached branches and volcanic rocks found on the shore. Mint green, aluminum and stainless steel surfaces reflect the colors of the sky blending in with the sea on a gray day. Coral red adds another dimension to the color scheme, found when diving into the surprising underwater world.

But, looking closer, you discover details which nature has to offer: reflecting patterns of fish, slow-moving coral trees, glittering sparkles on a sunny beach.

And then there is the shift from day to night. The wide, light and open space transforms in a dark mystical place. The pastel palette of the bleaching sun changes into a contrasting palette of dark sky with pop up colors of city lights. When you dive into the sea you discover something similar. Fluorescent coral, glowing jellyfish and sparkling plankton; minimal but impressive light effects, pop colors in a dark sea. When the sun sets and the moon rises, the environment reveals secrets which will surprise and astonish you.

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