Tuesday, December 02, 2008

For the love of 'M (MTV shorts)

A good party gives you the freedom of letting yourself go, it activates the energy to dance with friends and strangers and makes you feel like you enter another dimension. A good party sets you in motion and brings you to unexpected states of mind. A good party is like good art. You don't really understand it, but you're completely drawn in to the feeling it gives you. Therefore, the ultimate MTV party spirit is portrayed as an iconic art installation. Check out all the new MTV shorts here.

By popular demand, the musical credits for the shorts:

From the Rue Vilin by Max Richter from the album Songs from before

Waters of Nazareth by Justice from the album

...,staatbook 2 launch

We launched the new ...,staatbook, a luxurious leather-bound volume filled with our work of the by-gone year, plus some classics from the archives. In contrast with the luscious look of the book, we held a very low profile and low cost release party in the garage. With drinks supported by Bols and Heineken, books from the booth of our company car, and lots of tasty bitterballen of course.

Converse Compound on Lowlands Festival '08

Fourteen black containers were placed in a perfect circle and established a very unique and identifiable area. Once people entered the circle, they were in the world of the Converse Compound. Music, art, fashion and authenticity created the atmosphere, instead of an overabundance of branding. Each container had it’s own content. The art container became a studio where artists turned each surface into a painting. At two ‘Chuck–o–Matic’ containers, visitors could have their Chucks customized by artists and musicians who were performing at the festival. The Infadels, Vive la FĂȘte, GEM and others went crazy on the Chucks, creating the ultimate festival footwear. For three days the Converse Booth was a sparkling, popular hangout, with more than 20,000 visitors.