Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ancient History: Woo?

Jimmy Woo: man or myth? All that is known is that he owns a nightclub / lounge / cocktailbar in Amsterdam. And we designed the identity for it (no, not the interior, that's Eric Kuster's job). People liked our work. So much so that they awared us with our first Dutch Design Award. Lovely!

The big move

At the end of 2003 we were only 3 people small. During 2004 we grew. A lot. We became a bit to big for our smelly (no joke, it smelled like a sewer in there) old office. So after a spring and summer of redecorating - with some polskihobby help - we moved into our current offices at the de Ruyterkade 143. A lot of former ...,staat-people in these pictures...