Wednesday, April 21, 2010

BoCinq identity

BoCinq is a bar and brasserie, with classy French-Arab inspired dishes, cocktails and bites. The interior, with its four dining rooms, lounges and a concrete bar, is designed in an honest and elegant style. We created a strong relationship between the interior and the identity. The design is handcrafted, both raw and refined, and exudes sophistication with a sexy attitude. Everything was custom-made, from typeface to printing techniques. The art collection of BoCinq served as a first inspiration for all identity elements.

We developed four logo elements: ‘V’, the Roman symbol for ‘5’, is used for the VIP entrance, ‘BoCinq’ is the overall name and logo, ‘Bo5’ is only used for tableware and ‘5’ is reflected in several items as a playful feature. The identity consists of menus, postcards, the bill, matches, a calendar and signatures.

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