Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mirror shoes and a tar pit

Bart Oomes in the studio doing the photography for two of our Nike / Foot Locker windows. As you can see it's all old fashioned studio photography, with just a tiny bit of photoshop trickery...

Ancient History: Mamouche

Here's another ...,staat milestone: the identity for French-Morrocan restaurant Mamouche won us our first award, the Dutch Corporate Identity Award 2003.

Ancient History: HQ Bar

Another milestone for ...,staat: the Heineken Global HQ Bar. We were originally asked by the green beer giant (our neighbour at the time, see a previous post) to design a graphic for the area next to the bar: a Heineken brand portfolio overview. We wouldn't be ...,staat if we didn't come up with a whole diferent solution: let the bar itself be the Heineken brand portfolio overview. And check out the fancy foil (only see-through from a 45° angle) on the wall to the right of the bar.

Welcome to the/my Converse Century

Every month we do a window and in-store posters for Foot Locker and Converse.
Here's some behind-the-scenes footage of Alek doing the shoot in Hotel de Goudfazant.
And check out our next-generation-little-miss-art-director in control.

Monday, April 28, 2008


Some of the logo's we made over the past few years... (and a bunch of free photoshop-mock-up-documents for you designers out there ;-)

Ancient History: Wonderlust

For Wonderlust we rented ourselves a massive greenhouse. Lipton launched it's Ice Tea Green and we organised a two-day music festival/party including a high-tea for them (together with True). The ...,staat team was there as well and we were pretty intoxicated...