Friday, December 18, 2009

...,staat New York

We are thrilled to announce that we will open ...,staat New York in 2010!

We already have two people, now working in our team here, who wanna make it there... Viv, who has been with us for almost two years and Ned, a born New Yorker who has been working at Nike EMEA for the last couple of years. The coming months he will be at ...,staat to get to know us, our clients and our coffee even better.

And at the end of January, we'll together leave for NY to get things rolling. As soon as we know more, you know more! So, it's up to us... New York!



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Alain said...


BY:AMT | Design Studio said...

Congrats - looking forward to having Vivian here in NYC - and having a fellow Dutch design studio here. Come by and visit our new studio opening soon on Broadway by Soho. - Alissia (